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This section contains the trend forecast charts of Sweden's predominant stock index- OMX Stockholm PI. The OMXSPI tracks the overall performance of all the shares that were traded on the OMX Stockholm stock exchange. This is a widely followed index of Europe and acts as a benchmark in knowing the equity market performance of Sweden.

Global Market Astro forecasts the future monthly and daily intraday trends of the OMXSPI in graphical format. This was developed with a view to guide the equity market participants of OMX Sweden regarding the upcoming volatilities in the market. Our trend forecast graphs serves as a tool for timing the market perfectly and thus can minimise their investment losses.

A live market link of the index has been provided for the users to make easier comparisons. The daily intraday trend chart can be accessed by selecting the dates listed in the dropdown placed on the top right corner just above the monthly trend graph in the monthly forecast page.

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