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000001.SSSSE Composite Index (000001.SS)-Shanghai-

This section contains the trend forecast charts of Shanghai's predominant equity index-Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite index (SSEC). The SSEC is commonly followed by the People's Republic of China which tracks the collective performance of all the securities traded in Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE). It serves as a tool for benchmarking the stock market returns of Shanghai.

Global Market Astro forecasts the monthly and daily intraday trends of SSEC index in graphical form. Our forecast methodology was developed with a view to help the Shanghai's stock market participants in forming their trading strategies. These trend graphs serve as a tool for timing the market perfectly and thus the users can handle their investments on a safer side.

For the users to make easier comparisons of our trend charts with the live index charts, a live market link has been provided. The users can reach the daily intraday chart of SSEC index by selecting the dates provided in the dropdown on the right corner above the monthly trend chart in the monthly forecast page.

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