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This forecast segment contains the trend charts of Mexico's major stock index IPC (Indice de Precios y Cotizaciones). The IPC index comprises of the 35 predominant stocks that are listed and traded in the Mexican stock exchange (Mexico's IPC stock index- Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, BMV). The IPC is a main benchmark stock index and is widely followed in Mexico and in other parts of America.

Global Market Astro forecasts the monthly and daily intraday trends of Mexico's IPC stock index in chart form. This methodology was developed with the core intention to help the Mexican financial market users in forming their trading strategies and to avoid the upcoming risks in the market. Our trend forecast chart serves as a reliable tool for timing the market and aids our users to minimise their investment losses.

A link of the live index chart has been provided for the users to make easier evaluations of our trend charts. The daily intraday trend charts of the respective products can be viewed by choosing the dates listed in the dropdown on the top right corner directly above the monthly trend chart in the monthly forecast page.

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