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This segment forecasts the future movements of the Hong Kong's predominant stock index. The Hang Seng index comprises of around 50 large companies that account for around 60% of the total market capitalisation of Hong Kong stock exchange. It helps the investors in the capital market to benchmark their returns over a period of time and hence it is widely followed in Asia.

Global Market Astro forecasts the monthly and daily intraday trends of the Hang Seng index (HSI) in graphical manner. The trend forecast charts were developed with a view to guide the China's financial market users regarding the upcoming fluctuations. Our forecast graphs provide an idea on timing the market well in advance and hence the users can avoid their financial losses wisely on adopting our trend forecast charts.

For the users to make easier comparisons of our trend charts with the live charts, a live market link has been provided. The users can reach the daily intraday chart of the respective index by selecting the dates provided in the dropdown on the right corner above the monthly trend chart in the monthly forecast page.

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