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The Australian Stock Market indices are meant to express the collective performance of Australian stocks that are traded in the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). ASX indices are used as a primary instrument to benchmark the performance of user's portfolios that are designed to replicate the performance of shares in the Australian stock exchange.

All Ordinaries Index (AOI or AORD) and S&P/ASX200 are the major Australian indices that are widely adopted all over the globe. Out of these AORD is the very oldest index formed by capturing the share prices of the listed companies that get traded in the ASX stock exchange.

Global stock market indices-Australia forecasts the fluctuations in the Australian capital market indices through its monthly and intraday chart patterns that gives a broad outline regarding the future market performances. The users can thus get a clear vision about the stock indexes to form their investing/trading strategies and can time the market perfectly. The All Ordinaries index chart (All ORDS Chart) captures the performance of almost all the companies listed in ASX or Sydney Stock Exchange.

Global Market Astro forecasts the ASX All ORDS index movements and its prices by gathering a large amount of daily historical indices data of Australian all ordinary index. Our forecast gives a clear vision to the stock market beneficiaries about the upcoming fluctuations. The users can compare the global stock market indices forecast of Australia with the live market by accessing the current market chart provided. The users can view the Australian indices' intraday daily graph by choosing the dates in the dropdown provided in the right corner above the Australian index's monthly trend forecast graph in the monthly forecast page.

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