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This section forecasts the Argentina's major stock index MERVAL index- MERcado de VALores means the stock market. It is the major index of Buenos Aires Stock Exchange that captures the overall capital market performance of Argentina, widely followed in South America. The MERVAL index is a price-weighted index formed by Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires of Argentina.

Global Market Astro forecasts the monthly and daily intra-day forecast chart of the MERVAL stock index in graphical form. This gives a clear idea for the Argentina's equity market participants like investors and traders regarding the oncoming fluctuations and helps them to wisely form their investing and trading strategies for timing the market perfectly.

The users can compare the Argentinian index forecast with the live market by accessing the live market link provided. The users can view the Argentinian indices' intraday daily graph by choosing the dates in the dropdown provided in the right corner above the Argentinian index's monthly trend forecast graph in the monthly forecast page.

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