How Global Market Astro predicts

Every single happening in the EARTH is demarcated by Planets position and movement. It can also be said that the rays of planets affect the entire EARTH. This is because nature has already fixed the direction, rotation and paths of planets, hence they remain constant throughout. Hence forth the influence of planets rays can be used to predict the future of stock market, as it is purely a mathematical science.

Stock Market Prediction Methods

Proceeding by comparing and compiling the stock market data and Past Parameter of Planets Action with the Future Action of Planets in predicting the Stock Market Trend is said to be 100% reliable and accurate. This method of predicting the future market trend is said to be one of the most precious method.

Error might occur in the prediction but it may occur only in minute or second percentage, this is because of the accuracy of data available from the past 18 years.

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