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The stock market forecasts of Australia segment comprises the monthly and daily intraday price trend charts of the shares traded in Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). We have tried our fullest possibility to forecast the future price trends of all the equities traded in the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) including the stocks of all industries or sectors like finance, banking, FMCG, consumer durables, agriculture, capital goods, chemicals, metals and mining, media, conglomerates, communication, energy, pharmaceuticals, electronics, insurance, entertainment, Information Technology (IT), services, transportation, oil and gas, food and beverage, electrical and all types of shares in terms of market capitalization like the blue-chip shares, large cap, mid cap, small cap and the penny stocks too.

Global Market Astro through its cutting edge forecasting methodology has been able to forecast the future price trends of around 1500 stocks in chart form under stock market forecasts-Australia. These forecast trend signal charts were developed with a view to guide the Australian financial market biggies in terms of investment volume like fund houses, institutional investors, merchant bankers, and other retail traders regarding the upcoming instabilities in the ASX share prices. Through our stock price trend graphs, the users can plan their trading strategies to buy or sell the stocks, well in advance and can easily avert their investment losses occurring due to the systematic market risks. The users can trade on the equity derivatives like futures and options from the knowledge gained from these trend charts.

The horizontal axis of our trend graph represents price of the shares in Australian currency (Australian Dollar-AUD) and the horizontal axis represents the trading time of Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). A live market chart of the respective scrip has been provided for comparing our trend graphs with the live charts. The users can view the daily intraday trend charts of Australian shares by choosing the dates listed on the top right corner just above the monthly trend chart in the monthly forecast page of the respective stocks.

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