General methods to predict the future trends of the market

Elliott's method

The principle of Ralph Nelson Elliott's discovery is that, "social or crowd, behavior trends, and reverses are recognizable patterns. Nelson took stock market data as his main research tool and he discovered that stock market prices divulges a structural design which in turn replicated a basic coherence found in nature. Through this method he developed a rational system of market analysis. Elliott quarantined thirteen patterns of movement also called as waves. These are repetitive in form and happened to be in market price data.

Fibonacci method

Fibonacci method is used to find the reversal on a stock chart and it is based on the retracement pattern and useful for swing traders.

Gunner 24 method

This method uses the impulse in the stock price and other market projects fastidiously. This universal technique of forecasting helps the traders and investors to take any trading decision at any time level. All these years, GUNNER24 Impulse Wave Technique and the Price Pattern methods are repeated again and again giving precise trading signals by combining different time levels.

Simplex projections or S-map method

The best way to predict the future is by knowing the dimensions like past, present and future. Stock Market prediction is engendered by complicated and interdependent systems. On the other hand non-linear systems are not predictable. A reliable application that can be used in handy by the Stock Market Traders and Investors is the "Stock Market Forecast Tool". This tool is made up of three modules: TA-1, SMAP-3, and NNSTP-2 to help traders and investors.

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