The foreign currency exchange rate (Forex Rate) trend forecast involves complexity since it operates for 24 hours on all days except weekends and based on the international exchange rates of the world's major currencies. To determine the exact currency rate, there is a need for extensive study and in-depth analysis that helps in forecasting the forex trading signals to time the Foreign exchange market.

Global Market Astro keenly observes the historical market data of the International foreign currency exchange rates along with the behavioural study including several fundamental variables like inflation, interest rates, international trade balance, political stability and the economic growth. Based on the study and analysis, Global Market Astro provides monthly and daily forecast trend charts of conversion rate for various currencies against the one USD.

Since we are in this field of financial forecasting for more than 18 years, we are very well aware of risks involved in the international currency exchange. We, through our best foreign currency exchange rates forecast, try to guide the foreign exchange market participants like central banks, hedgers, exporters and importers, retail foreign exchange traders, speculators, etc. regarding the future fluctuations in the foreign exchange rate of currencies.

Our currency exchange rate monthly forecast chart, explains the fluctuations in the spot rate of the respective country's currency against one US Dollar (spot rate of Domestic currency/1 USD $) on the basis of date and the fluctuations in the spot rate of the respective country's currency against one US Dollar (spot rate of Domestic currency/1 USD $) on the basis of global trading time (24 HOURS) in the intra-day graph. To avoid complexion, we have standardized the exchange rates of all the currencies against a common currency- US Dollar. Hence the Global Market Astro users were requested to manipulate the exchange rates according to their desired currency exchange pairs.

The international currency exchange rates forecast of almost 120 global currencies with respect to the US dollar (1 USD) are available in Global Market Astro. They are categorized demographically as Major Currencies, Europe, Soviet, Asian, Middle East & North America, Central African, North America, Central American and South American.

The number of available currency pairs under each category is displayed alongside the category links. For making comparisons of Global Market Astro's Currency exchange rate charts with the live Foreign currency exchange rate graph a live market link has been provided. The daily intraday forex trend graphs can be viewed by choosing the dates listed in the dropdown provided on the top right corner just above the monthly trend chart in the monthly forecast page.

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