Global commodity price movements are highly volatile and they differ for various commodity trading exchanges around the world. This volatility is based on the respective country's demand-supply, imports -exports, fiscal & monetary policies, reserves and in accordance to the global price trends, speculation, etc. So it is difficult to conclude the long-term trends and fundamental distribution of commodities' prices. The commodity derivatives are generally traded as standardized futures and options contracts in commodity trading exchanges and as forward contracts in some non-regulated trades. These volatilities in commodity prices make commodities forecasting complicated.

Global Market Astro has an exceptional way to predict the futuristic price movements of a vast variety of commodities traded on various commodity markets around the world. We forecast the spot price movements of all the possible commodities with respect to the London metal exchange. We have considered a very effective calculation methodology which takes in to account a huge volume of historical commodity price data to generate the future probable trend forecast chart.

Global Market Astro offers commodities price trend forecast chart for both hard and soft commodities including metals, oil, minerals, agricultural products and other miscellaneous. The commodities price trend forecast was developed with a view to help the commodity traders and investors around the world to get an awareness of the uncertainties in the spot market price movements of the commodities well in advance.

We have detailed the prediction as a monthly and daily probable trend forecast graphs for the price movements in the commodity markets. Trend forecast graph clearly explains the spot market price movements of commodities price on the basis of date and traded value (US Dollars) in monthly graph and in terms of respective country's trading time and currency in intra-day graph.

To make clear comparison of Global Market Astro's commodities price trend forecast charts with the live market, a live market link is provided alongside "our forecast". The daily intraday commodity trend charts can be accessed by choosing the dates listed in the dropdown provided on the top right corner directly above the monthly trend graph in the monthly forecast page.

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