Global Market Astro is a financial market forecast website that predicts the future trend movements of the market in chart form.
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GLOBAL MARKET ASTRO is a financial market forecast website that predicts the future trend movements of the market in chart form. We provide comprehensive and real time futuristic information about the upcoming monthly trends of the global indices, stocks, foreign currency exchange rates and commodities.

Global Market Astro uses an efficient methodology for forecasting the upcoming market trends. Our stock market trend analysis is based on a complex set of mathematical calculations that analyses a very huge volume of historical market data. Our stock market forecast section forecasts around 100 major world indices, more than 9000 stocks traded on the stock exchanges of the countries like United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), India, China, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Norway, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece. In addition to this we also forecast the international currency exchange rate trends of around 120 global currencies against one US dollar.

Our forecasts are presented in the form of monthly and daily intra-day graphical charts. These trend graphs were developed with a view to guide the financial market beneficiaries like investor, traders, etc., regarding the upcoming fluctuations in the market. The users can very well rely and use our trend forecast graphs as trading signals and can avert their financial losses. Unlike other share market trading tips providers in the field we are the only website to provide forecast for such a wide range of global financial market products.



Trend forecast for global financial markets

Monthly and daily intra-day trend forecast charts

Varied range of global stock market indices

Hefty number of global stocks forecast

Foreign exchange rate charts for global currencies

Live market comparisons

Financial forecast for around 25 major countries under one roof


Accurate, adaptable and reliable market trend forecast charts

Predictions based on a huge volume of historical market data

Know the future trends of the market well in advance

Forecasts arrived using a highly tested complex methodology

Based on mathematical calculations involving technical parameters

Wide collection of financial products forecast

Key to timing the market, making investment and trading strategies


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