Global Market Astro is a financial service player that predicts the future of Financial Markets by relating the daily planetary positions & movements to the events in the Financial Market. This site provides comprehensive and real time futuristic information on Global Indices, Stocks, Foreign Exchange Rates and Commodity Markets.

Global Market Astro is doing research for more than 30 years by monitoring day-to-day planetary positions & movements and historical stock market data for evaluation. Global Market Astro Team has a better understanding of these as their predictions are based on thousands of years of research done by rishis in the field of planet astrology. With the knowledge of planetary system and understanding of Stock Market Trends we have created our own gist and principles using which we predict the future trend of Stocks, Global Indices, Foreign Exchange Rates and Commodity Markets for all countries.

With strong planetary effect on the market moves we are able to get reliable, clear, accurate predictions for all the stocks, global indices, commodities, foreign exchange rates on the basis of intra-day, fortnight and monthly forecast. A clear indication of the active and highly volatile periods and dates has also been added to make sure that your stay is benefited.

Monthly and Daily Forecast Trend Graph is available for all the country's major indices and their stock components, commodities and foreign exchange rates. Major index of all the countries like Dow Jones, Nifty, NYSE Composite, NASDAQ Composite, S&P - 500, FTSE-100 are the highlighted products.

Below is a clear list of all our index predictions, compared with the live market movement showcasing our success rate.



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